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OR Tambo Airport Budget Lodging


we are ready to provide limited accommodation for Reps and business visiting Johannesburg


Limited Twin and Single En-suit Rooms

We are accepting single people per room and or two people that are traveling together only.

R550.00 per night (including light Breakfast)

Free Light Breakfast and served Meals on sale

There will be no buffet style serving area and each person once seated will be allocated their meals at a table socially distanced at 2,5 metres apart from other tables so to keep us all safe.

Social Areas, Bar, Lounges, inside or outside will be restricted to social distanced tables and chairs

For safety reasons tables have been placed 2,5 metres apart from one another so guests may be served foo, however that can be taken to their rooms if needed. Most couches and lounges have be removed because it will prevent social gatherings.

How Rooms are cleaned and sanitized Daily

Once a guest checks out a room, our protected cleaners will go into the room and sanitize the entire room with chemicals and close the room. The bedding will only be removed and replaced 24 hours later the following day because this is a standard method being used globally. However here after the room will be made up and re – sanitized so our new guests can feel safe by ensuring COVID 19 hygiene standards.

How to check in

You must be wearing a mask on arrival. Before checking in we are require to sanitize your hands and we will scan your temperature so to be safe there is no fever present.

However, if all is clear, and we have explained the social distancing rules, you may proceed with checking in and guided to your room. You may purchase extra masks, gloves or sanitizer from reception if required.

Staying Safe

Wishing you a safe stay

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